I am currently looking for work in software engineering, animation, illustration, or graphic design. You can peruse my resume here, or download the .pdf version. I am also on IMDB and LinkedIn.


Software engineer with five years of visual effects and animated feature film experience in crowds simulation, software engineering, and user interface development, seven years of experience in microsimulation modeling and quantitative public policy research, and two years of experience in illustration and graphic design.


Applications and Programming Languages: C++, python, Qt, pyQt, Java, php, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, WordPress, Maya/MEL, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Massive, Nuke, Composite



Art Director, Nina Charles LLC (Los Angeles, CA, April 2011-Present)

I was the illustrator and graphic designer of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning picture book Carmin Cares, and the animator of the Carmin Cares book trailer. I also art-directed and edited the next four books in the Pumpkinheads series.


Technical Director, DreamWorks Animation (Los Angeles, CA, July 2008-March 2010)

I was the Crowds Technical Director for Shrek Forever After. My role ranged from user interface design to production support to shot production.

  • Developed python and pyQt-based user interface for cycle animators to visualize sequences of looping shots.
  • Supported crowd artists in the course of shot production, troubleshooting tools across the pipeline from animation to rigging to character effects to lighting and surfacing to asset management.
  • Ran crowd shots.
  • Did cleanup animation on crowd characters.

Technical Director, Digital Domain (Venice, CA June 2007 – June 2008)

I was the Massive Technical Director for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. My role ranged from R&D to shot production.

  • Developed an external pyQt-based GUI front end to Massive, which allowed artists to pull assets into a scene, tweak simulation parameters, simulate and render scenes, and cull unwanted agents from a finished simulation.
  • Developed a pipeline for running Massive cloth simulations.
  • Maintained several C++ plugins which generated footstep, collision, and joint location data for Massive agents, to be fed into Houdini.
  • Ran shots for battle and marching sequences.
  • Provided technical support for a team of up to 9 other artists.

Software Engineer, Digital Domain (Venice, CA, September 2005 – June 2007)

As a user interface developer, I supported numerous artist tools across the production pipeline. A few highlights include:

  • Created data visualization tools for the network and render farm, using Qt’s graphics programming libraries.
  • Maintained Digital Domain’s proprietary flipbook software, using C++, Qt, OpenGL, and Nuke’s image processing library, for features such as stereoscopic viewing, custom LUTs, and artist-requested user interface enhancements.
  • Maintained Nuke C++ plugins and Tcl scripts.

Programmer/Analyst, The Urban Institute (Washington, DC, July 1999 – August 2005)

As a software applications developer, I provided research support for the Income and Benefits Policy and Justice Policy Centers at the Urban Institute.

  • Implemented C++ programming changes to a microsimulation model of welfare and tax policy.
  • Developed web applications using PHP and MySql.
  • Analyzed demographic data using Excel and SAS.

Development Associate, Appleseed (Washington, DC, July 1998 – June 1999)
My fundraising responsibilities included direct mail campaigns, grant proposals, event planning, and administrative tasks.



  • AnimationMentor, Diploma of Advanced Studies in Character Animation, December 2010
  • George Washington University, coursework towards M.S. in Computer Science, August 2005
    • Graphics programming coursework in lighting, rendering, dynamics, and animation.
    • Math coursework in discrete mathematics, linear algebra and multivariable calculus.
  • Princeton University, B.A. in Comparative Literature, June 1998
    • Areas of focus were French and Chinese, with periods of study abroad in both countries.

Awards and Honors

Hobbies and Interests

  • Rock climbing, photography, hiking, bicycling, improv comedy, Ultimate Frisbee, juggling.
  • Proficient in Mandarin Chinese and French.