I still sometimes get blown away by friends’ work and momentarily despair about my own. In recent days, it was Jesse and Ibrahim and in recent weeks it was Aidan and Karl, but that’s not the point. I’m better off patting myself on the back for having cool friends rather than worrying about whether I can stack up.

Here’s the thing – I do know what I want from my own work these next few months, and it’s emotional authenticity. I may not have the most sophisticated style or have time to do the most detailed projects, and to be honest, I still can’t draw the way these guys draw (spontaneously, prolifically, and consistently getting it right on the first try), but I’m working on the drawing skills and I do think I have something special to bring to the table once I manage to put it all together. It’s about getting to the heart of a moment, and letting that be the thing that shines.

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